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Doo Group And Manchester United: United By Shared Values  

Doo Group and Manchester United formed an alliance at the beginning of 2023 with a multi-year global partnership. The partnership brings football and fintech together to create a unique positioning of shared values between the entities for traders and football enthusiasts alike to be proud of. For the fintech mogul, it also represents its first step into the global spotlight alongside the world’s most renowned football club.   

Two Giants Form A Perfect Match

Besides sharing a common brand colour – red – the two also possess a multitude of similarities in terms of team values, work ethic and a relentless will to strive for success. These values are also attributed to Manchester United’s current manager, Erik Ten Hag. Since his appointment, Erik Ten Hag has instilled a winning mentality back into the Manchester United men’s first team. He has created a squad that focuses on a strong winning mentality and club values – just as we have for all our employees at Doo Group around the world from leading with our management team.  

As a fellow market leader, we are truly honored to share the same values with our global partner, especially one that carries such significance and global scale.   

Check out these two giants on their collaborative path to greatness as we explore their shared values here: 

Committed And Pushing Forward Together  

Doo Group and Manchester United are consistently devoted to their expertise in their respective fields, consistently pushing the boundaries and continuously striving toward greater heights.  

Just as Manchester United has improved their on-pitch performances this season, highlighted recently by winning the EFL Cup, their first trophy in 6 years, Doo Group is more determined than ever to push forward by providing clients with the best trading experience with continuous events, campaigns, and improvements around the world, leaving global footprints along the way. This is a unique aspect to the fintech giant as we are committed to catering to all our clients, regardless of where they are based. 

Through sheer determination, hard work and belief, both Manchester United and Doo Group strive to achieve newer and greater milestones; staying as hungry for success as ever and never settling for less. 

Trust, Discipline & Teamwork Are The Keys To Success 

Erik Ten Hag has instilled teamwork and discipline within the squad which prides itself by focusing on trusting the process, communication, dedication and ultimately, success. 

Manchester United’s success is built on teamwork and trusting your team. Doo Group shares a remarkably similar discipline as the market leader of the industry with the same determination to succeed and excel. 

We care about your financial future as much as you do, and we work together as a team to invest safely. Just as the Manchester United team develops and evolves, so does the Doo Group team, drawing on our global talent pool to bring the best fintech services to all our clients. We particularly value this aspect as we are proactively on the lookout for more ways to better serve our clients through building trust in our relationships and loyalty in offering. This requires us to continuously adhere to strict regulations to provide the best trading environment with top-notch services to all our clients. These are then complemented with multiple licenses to ensure a safer and more secure trading environment for all to enjoy. 

Reigniting The Passion And Purpose 

Football is nothing without its fans. Erik Ten Hag has successfully reunited the players with the fans, paying tribute to the importance of their love, support, and commitment to the team. This has brought the club closer as one team and ensured that they are working together as a unit with a common goal, to win. 

The manager famously told the team to go in search of ‘glory and honour’ during the EFL Cup final against Newcastle on 27th Feb 2023 at Wembley stadium. He emphasised the significance of the trophy, for the honour of football and most importantly, the fans – to reciprocate the love and support they have provided every season.  

Football is nothing without the fans, similarly for Doo Group, we share a similar point of view in terms of prioritizing clientele as we have instilled such values to all our employees around the world to show love and appreciation in unison to all our clients who have supported us throughout the years, new and old alike. This has allowed us to stay true to our purpose: committed to providing every client with professional services, satisfactory experience and continuously creating value for our customers. With a united passion of wanting to best support traders’ journeys, we collectively strive together towards a common goal together, to succeed through our shared values. 

Venturing Into The Future As Partners 

The stars are aligned with our partnership – both giants in their respective industries; both thriving and making waves in their own way. We are truly excited for what the future holds for Manchester United fans and Doo Group traders alike, as we collectively move forward with the world’s greatest football club. Let’s go Reds! 

About Doo Group        

Doo Group was established in 2014, currently headquartered in Singapore. After years of development, Doo Group has become a multi-faceted financial services group with financial technology as its core. With multiple sub-brands such as Doo Clearing, Doo Financial, Doo Prime, FinPoints and more, Doo Group is committed to provide trading and asset management services for over 20,000 financial products such as Securities, Futures, Forex, CFDs and Funds to global individual and institutional clients. 

Currently, the entities within Doo Group, according to their location and products, are regulated by many of the top global financial regulators, including, but not limited to the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (US SEC) and Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (US FINRA), United Kingdom Financial Conduct Authority (UK FCA), the Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC), the Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis Centre (AUSTRAC), the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission (HK SFC), the Hong Kong Insurance Authority (HK Insurance Broker), the Hong Kong Companies Registry (HK Trust Company), the Hong Kong Customs and Excise Department (HK Money Service Operator), the Malaysia Labuan Financial Services Authority (MY Labuan FSA), the Seychelles Financial Services Authority (SC FSA), Mauritius Financial Services Commission (MU FSC), and the Vanuatu Financial Services Commission (VU FSC). Doo Group has entities operating in various global locations, including Dallas, London, Sydney, Singapore, Hong Kong, Dubai, Kuala Lumpur as well as other regions. 

For enquiries and further information, please contact us: 

Hong Kong: +852 6701 2091 

Singapore: +65 6011 1736 

Email: [email protected] 


This information is addressed to the general public solely for information purposes and should not be taken as investment advice, recommendation, offer, or solicitation to buy or sell any financial instrument. The information displayed herein has been prepared without any reference or consideration to any particular recipient’s investment objectives or financial situation. Any references to the past performance of a financial instrument, index, or a packaged investment product shall not be taken as a reliable indicator of its future results. Doo Group makes no representation and warranties to the information displayed and shall not be liable for any direct or indirect loss or damages as a result of any inaccuracies and incompleteness of the information provided. Doo Group shall not be liable for any loss or damages as a result of any direct or indirect trading risks, profit, or loss associated with any individual’s investment.      

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